fairy door

Hello and welcome to the story how I got my Fairy Door. (Cue creepy voice) Over 1000 years ago a fairy made a house in a tree one day it went for a walk and a cat ate the fairy that fairy was never seen again. Then over 1000 years later I was walking in the woods minding my own business  then I tripped over a log and saw the fairy door! I opened it now I am blind I’m very sad. 🙁 So the moral of the story is never open random doors you find in the woods!



Do you know what a Fractal is? You do? Well I guess you don’t want to waste you time here. Your going to stay? Thank you! Back to the topic a Fractal is a never ending pattern of awesomeness! There is a website that lets you create you own Fractal click here! Fractals are also in Fern believe it or not they are.

This is a Fractal

Paranormal Activity

Have you seen the movie? I have let me tell you what I think “AAAAAAAAAAAA!” I had nightmares for four months, no joke! I’m still scared of it, after the movie you think “that wasn’t that bad” then after a week or two when you hear nosies and it freaks you out. So basically it freaks you out over time so beware! The plot is basically a girlfriend and boyfriend move into a new house and they find out the girlfreind is possessed and the boyfriend wants to film it to “help” her. So they bring this guy over that knows a lot about the subject and he wants to help them. He says to go get a guy thats better than him at this and he could make it go away but that guy was going away for a while (I just want to say that is pretty common in movies) So anyways he tells them that it wouldn’t be smart to film the demon but the boyfriend wants to do it anyways. The first night they film they just see in the footage, the doors swing side to side and they of course start freaking out. I don’t want to tell you everything because that would ruin the surprise so you will have to watch it yourself. If you guys want me to tell you what happens because your too scared to watch it yourself, comment  below telling me if you want to and if you don’t want to ruin the surpise just don’t read the post if I make one. If you want me to do more movie reviews then tell me down below! I give this a 8/10 On The Charlie’s Movie Review Scale! Bye for now ~Charlie

This is a picture that the Demon smahed!

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My Young Entrepreneur Fair!

Hello all my peoples do you remember when I put up that survey and you guys answered it and I finished it and it turned out pretty well. When I got there I set up my table with a green cloth and a cool display. I was pretty nerves  but it got well after a while!

Not much people were buying my product but when the littler kids came in there were  pretty good sales. I sold out really quickly it sometimes gets hard because there were like 8 people handing my money at the same time.

After the fair we cleaned up and it took awhile but after the fair it was worth it I made $104! But subtracting all my cost I made $72! That’s pretty good for a school fair!

10 Ways To Annoy Your Brother in Creative Ways!

Have you ever wanted to annoy your brother in creative ways? Well, I know I have. I did a few experiments to find out what annoyed him and what didn’t. So all the brothers out there, here are 10 ways to annoy your brother in creative ways!

1. Every time he does something, like punch you, say “That’s how a ma’am would punch!” and say that to basically every thing he says or does. I did this for more than half an hour and it was pretty effective. I give this a 8/10 on the things you can do to annoy your brother scale.

2. Every time you walk past him you give him a little thump on the head. After a while it gets annoying to him. I did this for about 15 minutes and he got pretty annoyed. I give this a 6/10 on the things you can do you annoy your brother scale.

3. When you see him walking around the corner you run out as fast as you can and squealing like a pig as loud as you can and chase him all around. It’s pretty funny to see their reactions. I did this for, well every time I see him walking around a corner. I give this a 9/10 on the thing you can do you annoy your brother scale.

4.When he gets mad at you for all the other things and tries to kick you put out your foot and let him kick that. The foot is very bony so it really hurts when you kick it.You have to find out another way to deflect his punches. I did this about four times and every time his toes cracked it’s really funny. I give this a 9/10 on the things you can do you annoy your brother scale.

5.When your brother is laying down quickly take off his socks and run fast. Then stuff them in your arm pits or something or hide them and he will be very puzzled. I have done this a lot and its work very well. I give this a 7/10 on the things you can do you annoy your brother scale.

6.When your brother is sleeping (well he doesn’t have to be but it works better) slip something really  gooey into his slipper and when he walks up he slips his foot in and it gets funny after that. I have done this once and it was funny. I give this a 10/10 of the things you can do to annoy your brother scale.

7.Ok.This is more of a cruel one. I have done it before but it got me in trouble so what you do is you wake up before him and take the see through soap and put it on his tooth brush so when he wakes up and brushes his teeth you hear a”AAAAAHHH!” Let me tell you that is a awesome noise to hear. I give this a 10/10 on the things you can do to annoy your brother scale. For funniness.

8. Scare them, stay behind their door then pop out and scream it’s kinda cruel but after a while he will forgive you hopefully. I did this a lot and I scared him pretty bad. I give this a 8/10 on the things you can do to annoy your brother scale.

9.So this will only work a few times so what you do is when your having breakfast or any type of meal. When he goes to the bathroom you replace his water with vinegar so when he takes a sip its funny! I only did this once and it was on april 1st and it was funny. I give this a 7/10 on the things you can do to annoy your brother scale.

10.I use this one a ton like 50 times every day! So you say “GUESS WHAT!” “What?” “CHICKEN BUTT!” It annoys the heck out of him its so funny. I give this a 10/10 on the things you can do to annoy your brother scale.

Wow those were lots of ways to annoy your brother I use all of those,But please don’t over use them, I don’t want your brothers to hate you forever I always tell him that I’m just messing with him after.

I’m wanting to say this because brothers are awesome so don’t make them feel like they’re not wanted. Be kind but still get on there nerves but don’t over do it.

Stay tuned for more post! What tips do you have for annoying brothers?

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Funtertaining is swicked

Funtertaining… Swicked. You probably thinking ” what super awesome fantastic words are you thinking of Charlie?” Well I made them up about last year. I tried to get people to use them, my friends do but no one else does to I thought to spread it to the world! Funtertaining is Fun+Entertaining= Funtertaining and Super+Wicked=Swicked. I think it sounds cool and it’s fun to make up. So please use it spread it across the world, PLEASE! What word would you make up?

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I know what you were thinking and no are class is not having a baby. But we are doing this program in are class called Roots Of Empathy. It’s basically a program that every three weeks a baby comes in and we see it grow and we see how it react to are class.What is Empathy? I guess it is sorta compassion for others  so I guess it would be compassion for the baby and its helping us learn at the same time? Maybe, but for now on Thursday the baby will be coming into are class room for a whole lot of fun and other that time I will be making blog post about the baby and what are we doing with her. Stay in touch!

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Minecraft The Full Version Part 1

Well 1.8 is out now! I’m very excited. Its came out about 1 month ago and there’s tons of new features! I’ll try to name all of the things I saw in 1.8. The very first thing I noticed is the new title screen I really like it, it’s really just a blurry 3D turn around of a random world which is awesome! I also like the new creative mode that you can fly, destroy blocks instantly which I like and I don’t like it.

It gets pretty annoying when your building something and you break a block when you don’t want to. I love the Ender mans they are creepy! I couldn’t wait for the NPC villages but it sucks because they NPC players aren’t out till 1.9. But I really like the NPC villages because they have like all have most of the new stuff in them. The old mining shafts are really fun because there really big! The new poison spiders are really annoying but I guess they can’t be too easy.

I haven’t found one yet but I want to is a stronghold I did see them on youtube and they are really big and interesting. The one thing I wish is that you could find giant mushrooms in the wild like they look really cool but you need to grow them your self. I also wish that you could get the mushroom back when you hit it down then I would make a house out of them!

Now 1.9! Well the prerelease is number four is out and there’s even more new features but I’m not sure what minecrafts is turning into but its kinda cool… There is a new place that you can get to called the End its basically you craft these things called eye of enderman and you throw them and if you have lots of them it will lead you to a strong hold! When you get to one you dig down and you will find it  then you walk around till you find a room with a silverfish spawner. There will be a wired looking circle thing and you put the eye of enderman in each hole then a black 3D looking thing is in the hole and you jump in!

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Me As Reader

Do you have a first book that you ever read? and did you like it? My first memory of reading was when I got a book for Christmas called “one fish two fish red fish blue fish” It was an awesome book! I was 8 I was obsessed with the part of the dairy of a wimpy kid that was the Christmas part of the book (because I love Christmas)

Me and my brother had a system on Mondays: I would get mom and my brother got my dad to read to me and on Tuesdays my brother got mom and I got my dad ect. I read every night and in school I read for 30min every night and don’t get read to anymore.

Do everyone in your family like to read? and do you like to read? Everyone likes to read in my family and my mom reads school books my dad reads work books (because there there getting caught up with stuff) and my brother reads random books that I don’t pay attention too. I watched Barnie too much so I think I learned how to read from him @(^_^)@ I started reading on my own when I was 9 and I’m not really sure why.

I like to read in bed at night and also at school. I forget what my first novel but I know I was happy after I finished it! I think word that make no senses like when there a 13 letter word they get really annoying! My advice is to never give up on a book (unless you hate that book).

Have you ever read a super awesome book? I know I have I read a book called My Side of the Mountain. It was really good! I like nature books and adventure books so it was the perfect book for me! I wouldn’t have learned many words if I never read. If I was a author I would write a book about snakes or some type of an animal.

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